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September 4th is Non League Day

It’s official: September 4th 2010 is Non League Day, and Sportglos is throwing our full support behind the campaign to get people involved with their local non league football club.

With no Premier League fixtures taking place on September 4th, it is an ideal opportunity for fans of the game to try something different from watching the footballl down the pub, and you never know, they might just like it!

Gloucester City, Bishops Cleeve,  Shortwood United and Forest Green Rovers are all at home on the day, with Cirencester travelling to Salisbury and Cinderford away at Wimborne.

The campaign is the brainchild of, funnily enough, a QPR fan, James Doe. He told sportglos a bit about what made him start this and what he hopes to achieve:

“Primarily I’m a QPR fan but as a youth with little cash I used to go and watch Harrow Borough in what is now the Ryman League. I still try and go to two or three games a season and always love the experience.

The idea for Non-League Day came to me after going to QPR’s pre-season game at Tavistock a couple of weeks ago. The club and fans were made really welcome by the hosts and it was obvious how financially important the visit was to them.

In the last year or so I’ve heard repeatedly how money is becoming really tight for all clubs but particulalrly non-league ones – the last time I went to watch Harrow they were about to hold a fundraising night to buy some new bulbs for the floodlights.

Their plight cannot be unique so I wanted to start Non-League Football Day to try and give our local clubs a bit of publicity and a shot in the arm.


I threw the idea out there more in hope than expectation so to hear back from anyone was a pleasant surprise. So far I’ve received backing from quite a few clubs from all over the country and at various levels. Fans from all over the world have signed up and there have been enquiries about setting up a similar event to run at the same time in Denmark and Finland. Crucially, the media are starting to take notice at local level (like yourselves) and last night we got the backing of the BBC Non League Show who should all be able to help the cause a great deal. However,support on our Facebook and Twitter sites is still in the hundreds when it needs to be in the thousands if the event is to be taken seriously. So Non-League Football Day needs all the publicity it can get!


At the moment I’m trying to get the backing of the clubs, leagues and fans at this level because without their support there’s no point. If we manage to get a good base of support then I’ll feel more confident about approaching the national media outlets but that’s not to say I don’t want them to get involved before that! I have also contacted the FAabout getting them to endorse the event as there is a round of the FA Vase taking place that day, so I look forward to hearing their response.

You can show your support for Non League Day by visiting the campaign’s Twitter and Facebook pages below:



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