Sep 01

Countdown to Non League Day: what does non league mean to local footballers?

In anticipation of Non League Day this Saturday, Sportglos is asking local footballers what non league means to them. First up are Cirencester Town’s Jamie Reid and Gloucester’s Mike Tambling:

Name: Jamie Reid
Age: 22
Club: Cirencester Town
Position: Midfield

Best non league moment?

Winning promotion to the Southern Prem with Ciren

Why is Non League Day important?

People need to support this day to support ther local non league side, to help them gain football league status with vocal support and financial help. It’s a cheap days entertainment for the family and there are very entertaining games played in non league with real pride and passion.

Name: Mike Tambling
Age: 21
Club: Gloucester City
Position: Midfield / Forward

What does Non-League mean to you?

Great opportunity to represent your home team and play in front of local people supporting their local team.

Best Non-League moment for you as a player or a fan?

Scoring and getting man of the match for Gloucester against Pegasus in my first pre season with the club

Why should everyone support Non-League day?

Experience the atmosphere of the crowd as opposed to just watching the tv, is always great to get behind your local team and also the social opportunities

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