Jun 05

Horsley resigns from FGR role

Forest Green Rovers have accepted the resignation of Trevor Horsley as a Director and Co-Vice Chairman of the club.

Trevor is a former Chairman of Forest Green, joining the club in 1990 after the Stroud FC years and is the man widely credited with taking the club to The New Lawn stadium in order to consolidate our position in the National Conference League.

Current FGR chairman Dale Vince said he was disappointed but understands the decision.

Vince said: “Trevor’s decision to step down came as a bit of a surprise, though not a complete one. He’s had a difficult transition to make, from basically being in charge of the club, to not being so – and I think he’s handled that really well – better than I could were I in his shoes.

“The last season has really been about the transformation of FGR from being volunteer run to being a fully professional football club, as we seek to join the world of League Football. That does mean the club is run on a different basis and that’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

“I’m grateful to Trevor for the support he’s given me, I hope he’ll stick around and enjoy the coming seasons as we seek to take FGR further up the leagues.”

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